Brew King/Queen


Brew King & Queen Winners

Year Winning Name
Contest Winner

2020 ? Could Be You
2019 Knot the Wurst Dennis Hullum
2018 All Ale the King Brianna Howard
2017 Texas Strong Kristina Ursprung
2016 Brew'd Awakening Marion High
2015 Rentoberfest Claire Clarke
2014 Marzen Luther Timothy James
2013 Wobbly Dragon David Wile

Beginning in 2013 The Texas Renaissance FestivalDeep South Barrels and Brigadoon Brewery teamed up to conduct a contest to allow one lucky patron to be crowned The Brew King/Queen for the season.

Patrons can submit possible names for the Märzen-Oktoberfest beer which will be tapped on opening weekend during Oktoberfest.  The top five names are selected by the brewery staff and then patrons are allowed to vote on the
winner.  The beer name with the most votes is the winner and the patron who submitted the name is crowned The Brew King or Queen for the season. Each winner receives a prize package which varies year to year.

The beer brewed is a Märzen-Oktoberfest style.  The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavor, and
a clean dry finish.   In spite of their name, Oktoberfest beers are not brewed in the fall. They are actually an outgrowth of the traditional, strong spring brews, called March beers or Märzen, that were put aside in ice-filled caves or cellars for summer consumption. The left-over Märzen was usually finished off... in October, when the fresh beers made with the grain and hops from the new harvest season needed to be put into casks. Oktoberfest biers, therefore, are always well-aged, sometimes for three to four months. They are usually deep amber in color and have an alcohol content of 5 to
6.2%.   The particular beer brewed by Brigadoon Brewery is amber color. If you have never seen the Texas Renaissance Festival tapping it is truly
a grand event.

Video of the 2012 Tapping