Lable Beer Discription ABV IBU
Fighting Cock Ale
A part of our historical recipe group.  A beer made with two cocks!  You can thank our friends at Austin Beer Works for this beer every being brewed.  Never call us out on the Radio, we will reply. Brewed Nov 5, 2016 5.7%    13.9  
Akkaga Dragon

A Barleywine brewed in colaboration with Uncle Bill's  and NXNW.  (Two Texas brewpubs from the Austin.) Brewed Nov 9, 2016 9.2%    13.9  


Imperial IPA 

8.96%    36.28
Monks Revenge

 - Irish Red

4.5% 21
Daisy Chain All Hands Rye IPA

Text 4.8% 68
  Christmas Ale

Text 4.2% 24
X-San Fran

Text 4.44% 31.8