Our Mission is to educate as many minds and palates as possible about the important role of beer in the development of civilization and the qualities and attributes of craft beer. In short:

"We believe that life is too short to drink bad beer."

days until
the 2019 Texas
Renaissance Festival!

Visit us at Booth #150.

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We highly recommend R&S Water Service the providers of our system. After all good beer starts with good water!

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Our Beer
All of our brews are all grain, unfiltered, and hand crafted. Many were reverse ngineered to meet period ingredients to the best of our ability.


Above Louie Belina of KZNE 1150 AM and KC Wheeler of 99.5 FM participate in our Brewmaster for a Day Program.


Where did our name come from?

Sweet Home Scottish Highlands

Sweet Home Scottish Highlands!

Always wanted to be a brewmaster, wanted to learn more about beer or brewyour own? Check out our Educational Programs.
The Texas Renaissance Festival, is the nations largest, most acclaimed Renaissance theme park where the sights, sounds, tastes, and beauty of the 16th Century come alive for 9 magical, themed weekends.



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  • Alan L Ward
    Managing Member /
    Joined: Jan-05

  • Linda Ward
    Brew Chief
    (Office Manager)
    Joined: Jan-05

  • Zoe Ward
    Junior Brewmaster
    (Root Beer)
    Joined: Jan-05

  • Shawn Metoyer
    (Sales and Tours)
    Joined: Sep-10

  • Sandra Metoyer
    Beer Wench
    Joined: Jan-13

  • Samantha Conaster
    Root Beer Girl
    Joined: Oct-10

  • Brad Rogers
    Production Manager
    Joined: Jan-11

  • Nava Nazerian
    Legal Council
    Joined: Jun-11

  • Emily O'Neill
    Technical Writer
    Joined: Jun-11

  • James O'Neill
    Construction /
    Joined: Jul-11

  • Richie Dancer
    Joined: Oct-11

  • Alex Montelongo
    Beer Wench
    Joined: Oct-11

  • Byron Thrailkill
    Joined: Mar-12

  • Bryan Due
    Joined: Mar-12

  • Dale Graham
    Hawker /
    Joined: Aug-12

  • Theresa Bradsaw
    Safety Coordinator /
    Joined: Aug-12

  • Ruston Royal
    Joined: Mar-13

  • Mary Royal
    Beer Wench
    Joined: Jul-13


Pasadena Location

Our Pasadena location is now open.For more information visit our Pasadena page.

5041 Spencer Highway #703, Pasaden, TX 77505


Taproom repening Dec 14th!



Brigadoon Turns 10!


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Taste of Texas Classes

Taste of Texas Classes are now available.



Men's Journal ranked America's Best Brewery Tours and Brigadoon Brewery is ranked 5th.



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