May 29, 2024

May Beer Review (#126)

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Beer/Brewery City, State Tasting Notes Style ABV % IBU Cal On Style Look Smell Taste Mouth Feel Total Rating Pic

Tucked in Bed by Strangers

Paperback Brewing Co



Lets start with the can! Great name and art work which is what caught my attention. Then there is a QR code that takes you to where you'll find a cartoon story about the beer. No spoilers here but I suggest you check it out while you enjoy the beer.

So what is it? Well it is a great West Coast IPA which is one of my favorite styles and yes they have done it right.

It pours with great foam and lace. It is well baslanced between the malt bill and the Mosaic Hops.

If the name and can art is any indicator I bet Paperback is a fun place to work!


West Coast IPA 6.5% 50   4 4 4 4 4 4




Cosmic Cowboy

Family Business Beer Co

Dripping Springs, TX

To be honest up front I have had this on tap before and loved it so I was happy to see the being in a can did not effect the flavor much.

Pours great with good foam and retention. Taste of pineappl and grapefruit notes with an end of a slight pine taste. A great example of an American IPA.

IPA 7% 69   4 4 4 4 4 4 Pic

Precision IPA

Paradigm Brewing

Tomball, TX

Inspired by old school American IPAs, this brew offers a clean and classic light malt flavor that highlights the star of the show, the hops.

Distinct American hops pop the citrus, fruit and pine notes that make this classic IPA.

It pours great with good foam and lace and tast hoppy and clean.

A good example of and American IPA

IPA 7%     4 4 4 4 4 4 Pic

Hamilton Pale

Family Business Beer Co

Dripping Springs, TX

Pours nice with gental foam and maintains good lace.

Taste a wee bit hoppier than I think an Americal Pale Ale should but it only weighs in at 26 so it is in the right range.

Taste tropical with a crisp finish. With only 4.9% ABV this is as good session beer and it is an easy drinkinh beer for summer.

Americal Pale Ale 4.9% 26   3.8 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 Pic

Paradise Park

Urban South Brewery

New Orleans, LA

Pours Great and has great foam and lace. Smells soapy and hoppy but once you taste it the soap and hop smell give way to a light bodied beer.

Brewed with 2-row malt and Huell Melon Hops.

At 4.4% it is an easy drinking beer but not one I would seek out but it does grow on you as you drink the glass. There are better American Lagers out there. But this could just be me so I would definetly try it before you deside.

FYI, the Houston location has closed.

American Lager 4.4% 10   3 4.5 2.8 3 3.5 3.36 Pic