Scottish Beer

4.6 % ABV | 22 IBU 
60 Shilling.Available in ½ bbl, 1/6,bbl , Firkin, 22 oz Bombers


Our Scottish Beer is part of our historical series and has been reverse engineered to match how a Scottish Ale would have tasted in the lowlands of Scotland from 1500’s to this date. This is a low alcohol; low hopped and low carbonated beer was designed to be drunk at your local pub at the end of a long work day. Each taste is a wee bit of history.

Nice well rounded taste of bold malts sweet smacks of grain and then swept around and out with a lovely slight hoppy finish. A higher level of unfermented sugars, which create a rich mouth feel, and a malty flavors and aroma. Overall hop character is low, light floral or herbal, allowing its signature malt profile to be the center of taste.

Paring Suggestion:

Food: Mutton, smoked fish, empanadas and, of
course, haggis.

The malt character in this beer gives it the ability to stand up to spicy foods while the smoke character will pair well with other smoked flavors or with creamy desserts like flan.

Dessert: creamy desserts like flan

Grain: Two-row, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barely Hops: Summit

First Brewed 2008