Dragon Ale

8.1% ABV | 31 IBU 
Imperial IPA
Available in ½ bbl, 1/6,bbl , Firkin,

A distinctive quality of these ales is that their yeast undergoes an aging process (often for years) in bulk storage or through bottle conditioning, which contributes to a rich, wine-like and often sweet oxidation character. Old ales are copper-red to very dark in color. Complex estery character may emerge. Modern-day old ale interpretations maintain this suitability for aging. They are of sufficient strength and hoppiness that under the right conditions they should stay good for years. Old ale is said to fall just below barley wine on the spectrum of beer style.

Pairs Suggestions:
*Main: Roast Beef and Roasted Lamb       
*Cheese: Double Gloucester 
* Dessert: Spiced Plum, Walnut Tart

Grain: Two-row, Crystal Malt, Wheat Malt 
Hops: Willamette, Summit, Cascade

First Brewed in 2008