Meet the 2020 TRF Crew

Photo by: Steven David Johnson

To run any business you need people or employees. We call our staff crew. Some of our crew work "Off Stage" (meaning you may not see them at fair) and many of our crew are non-paid meaning that they work for no pay and all of our crew hold other jobs or away from Brigadoon or attend college. Each crew member preforms an important role no matter how small or large their position may seem and each is a valuable part of our team.

Alan Ward


Joinded: January 2005

Alan L. Ward is our Head Brewmaster and founder. He is the father of four and married to our Brew Chief Linda. A connoisseur of beer since 1976, he has been brewing since 2000 when his wife and children gave him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Unknown to them brewing would allow him the ability to combine his love of science, culture, travel, history, cooking and beer into one glorious venue. AH, the fools.
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Linda Ward

Brew Cheif

Joinded: January 2005

Linda Ward is the mother of four and married to Alan Ward. She is currently our Brew Chief (office manager) and has been with us since the beginning. If you’re wondering what a Brew Chief is or does well, she has the final word on everything except what goes in to the beer. Basically, if momma is not happy no one is.  Her other known titles are mom, wife, Linda, and to most "She who must be obeyed!"   
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Zoe Ward

Brand Ambassador

Joinded: January 2005

Zoe has worked at TRF since 2005.    She is the daughter of Linda and Alan Ward. If you have visited our booth at fair you will know her as the Root Beer Girl.  Her other duties during fair include assisting with inventory at night and when we can get her to sweeping the floor.  She was formally
Director of Quality Control for our Pixie Candy division ........

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Brad Rogers

Production Manager 

Joinded: January 2011

Brad Rogers is the father of a beautiful baby girl and is married to Shannon Rogers. He is a long time fan of our beer and an experienced bouncer so when he came to us and asked what he could do to help us succeed the answer was obvious. We asked him to take care of security. Foolishly he accepted and we put him right to work.  So what do you do with a security director at a festival with its own police department, well you surprise him and put him in charge of production. Begining in October of 2011 Brad became the Production Manager. 

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James O'Neil


Joinded: July 2011

James joined our crew in the summer of 2011 when he foolishly agreed to assist with the construction of our new brew house. Since then he has become a valuable member of our off stage crew assisting with construction and public appearances.In 2012 James was bitten by the brewing bug and decided to start his brewing education as an apprentice.    In real life James is a Systems Administrator for a Houston area school district.

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Dale Graham


Joinded: August 2012

For many Dale is the first person they see when they arrive after a long parched trip to  Brigadoon.   

 Dale is an investor and long time friend of the brewery.  After being a part of the TRF Performance company for 13 years, in 2012 he decided to hang up his actors cloak and come over to the brewery to help out.  Their loss was our big gain.   Dale is a man of many talents. When he is not hawking he is grinding grain or building something.

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Mary Richardson


Joinded: January 2014

Mary  started comeing  out during the summer and we found that she had great heart, never complained and was a hard worker. After a hot day of working on the roof we deciede that she needed to just work for us and she foolishly agreed. When Mary is not helping at the brewery she enjoys sewing, costuming, camping and traveling. In the real world she is a nurse.

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Vince Palumbo

Parade Walker/Helper

Joinded: August 2018

Vino is one of our banner bearers in the daily festival parade.  He can also be seen helping out where ever needed.  He's the proud husband of  Jaclyn "Fantail" Palumbo (another Brigadoon parade walker and part time beer maid) and step-father to her daughter Autumn.  Vince first attended the Texas Renaissance Festival in 1990.  He and Jaclyn began attending on a regular basis in 2016 to support their daughter Autumn, who had been working a festival booth since she was 14.

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Cassie Anderson

Beer Wench

Joinded: September 2018

Cassie Anderson is a Beer Wench at our booth. She is the mother of three and has been in education for 10 years. This year she is off to new adventures. This will be her third season with Brigadoon.

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Charles Rojer Blacknall


Joinded: July 2019

Rojer has worked at TRF since 2010 and been with Brigadoon since the 2019 season. Tasting new beers is one of his favorite perks of the job. His favorite beer at Brigadoon is the Scottish Ale.  Living in the Houston area his whole life Rojer likes to travel out of the country every year recently traveling to Japan, Germany, Italy, and Jamaica.  In his spare time he likes to rock climb and train for American Ninja Warrior where he has competed on the show three times.  Recently his hobbies have included playing Ultimate Frisbee and painting a blue square in his backyard so Google Earth thinks he has a pool.

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Shannon Rogers

Medical and Event Asst.

Joinded: June 2014

Shannon is the wife of Brad Rogers our Production Manager. Shannon joined us officially in June of 2014 when she provided medical support for our 1st Annual Houston Firkin Fest and assisted with tickets. She had so much fun she has decided to join officially. When Shannon is not helping at the brewery she is a full time RN for a Houston area High School.

Jaclyn Palumbo

Beer Wench

Joinded: July 2019

Jaclyn in married to Vince.  Jaclyn joined us as a relief beer wench and parade walker.

Brandon Boepple


Joinded: September 2016

Brandon took our Brew For  A Day class and decided he loved brewing so much that he would just join the crew.    In the real world Brandon is an Engineer but we don't hold that against him. 

Graduate of Texas A&M

Professional Organizations:
Master Brewers Association of the Americas

Jen Dowling

Beer Wench

Joined: September 2019

You may know from our former Pasadena location.   She liked it so much she has  decided to join us at our TRF location this fall.

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Could Be You


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