Director of Quality Control  Root Beer 
Division and Shipping: Zoe Ward

Zoe has worked at TRF since 2005.    She is the daughter of Linda and Alan Ward. If you have visited our booth at fair you will know her as the Root Beer Girl.  Her other duties during fair include assisting with inventory at night and when we can get her to sweeping the floor.  She was formally Director of Quality Control for our Pixie Candy division and we are happy to
announce that beginning in 2010 she became the Director of Quality Control for
our Root Beer Division.   In 2016 she moved to Director of Shipping.

When she is not working at fair you may find her representing Brigadoon at other beer festivals or events.  Rumor is that she can tap a mean keg!

When Zoe is not working she enjoys world travel and movies.
Bachelors Science Genetics and Bio Chemistry from Texas A&M University  


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