May 20, 2021

May Beer Review (#54)

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Beer/Brewery City, State Tasting Notes Style ABV % IBU Cal On Style Look Smell Taste Mouth Feel Total Rating Pic


Altstadt Brewery


Smells slightly sweet and malty. Nice mouthfee balanced. Finishes smooth, crisp and effervescent.

This Kolsch is a crisp, well-balanced blend of select German malts, noble hops, and top fermenting yeast. This results in a light-golden colored, refreshing beverage with just a kiss of hops at the end. This delicate brew is comparable to the finest beers originating from Cologne (a town in the western part of Germany between Bonn and Dusseldorf on the Rhine River just east of Belgium), only it's made right here in Texas!

This is a great afternoon relaxing beer for most Texas afternoon or just anytime.

This beer has two gold metals which is well derserved. A beer not to miss.

Kolsh 4% 20 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 Pic
Shiners Pride Belgian Honey, The Spoetzl Brewery Shiner, TX

This is a collaboration with Burleson’s Honey in Waxahachie, TX. Uses 100% Texas honey from wildflowers and Huajillo (a plant native to the brewery’s landscape.) 

Great coler and lace. Nice aroma, smells of fruity belgian yeast esters, bready grain and lemon. Taste is what I what you would expect from a Belgian,it has some fruity yeast esters, sweet belgian candi sugar and some light notes of citrus, almost lemony.

I should note that I am not a big Belgain fan but this is done well. Not being a fan I have to call in my wife (who is not a beer drinker but likes the belgain sytle). She and my daughter both found it to be a great drink. As my daughter (who is over 21) said it does not taste like a beer. So if your one who prefers your beer a bit on the sweet side and not a fan of beer then this is one for you to try!


This style of beer generally offers a very approachable combination of flavors and aromas with no over-the-top characteristics. Sometimes referred to as a Golden Ale, these can occasionally have honey, spices, or fruit added.

Belgian Blonde 6% 10   4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 Pic

Harpoon IPA,

Harpoon Brewery

Boston, MA

The beer is has a great bright brillant copper color and is clear. Smells of grapefruit zest, floral spice and biscuit malt.

Taste fresh citrus, with notes of carmel and hops. It has a light and refreshing touch of bitterness to mal.

The malt bill is simpl, just 2 row, Victory and Careml malt.

I was surprised to find the hops to be Apollo, Chinook and Cascade. The surprise was the Apollo. As I have stated before I am not a big fan of Apollo but I am a fan of Chinook and Cascade. The combination of the three is pulled of well. Most likely because it is dry hopped with my favorit Cascade.

This s a well done New England IPA


American IPA


6% 42   4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 Pic

Striker IPA,

Copperhead Brewing

Conroe, TX

Great color, nice and clear with great lace. You can smell tripical fruit. The taste is dank, resinous and tripical citrus flavor. The malt is hiddenn.   Peppery after taste. Not sure if I am a fan of it.

I have had this beer on tap at the brewery and found it more to my liking but then most beer is better at the source from a tap.

This beer is all about the hops which are Citra, Columbus and Apollo. I am not a big fan of Apollo hops. The combination produces a dank, resious, tripical and citrus flavor. 

If you like hops then this is one to try.

American IPA 7% 72   4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. Pic

Smoke on the Bayou,

Buffalo Bayou Brewing

Houston, TX

Deep orange reddish gold. Slight chill haze that clears up and leaves a nice clean beer. Moderate carbonation on the pour. Head starts off a massive off-white. Slowly drops to a small 1cm creamy cap. Very slight lacing. Solid retention keeps the cap for the duration.

Smell: Smoke...woody maybe pecan. Deeply malty. A ton of caramel, a touch of butterscotch and vanilla. Caramelized and cooked malts. Sweet smoke almost like apple or pecann wood. A touch of earth and grass from the hops. A touch of cherry skin with some red apple. A touch of jam. Deeply caramelized sugars. Pushes to toffee and almost touches molasses.

Taste: Slightly smoked. Deeply caramelized. Caramel, toffee, raw sugar, some brown sugar, and a touch of molasses. A touch of jammy quality. Smoke is slightly sweet as apple wood or pecan. A touch of butterscotch and vanilla.A touch of alcohol in the back but it's mellow. Almost reminds me of a barrel aged beer.

This is a sweet beer which I am not a fan of so I brought in my in house team (wife, AKA Brew Chief and daughter (who is not a beer fan but has a great palette) to give it a try.) Wife gave it a thumbs up as she liked the sweetnice. Daughter said it was ok and with a sweetness and malt taste with notes of barrel. In short it did not taste like a "beer".

So in short if you like sweet beers that do not taste like a beer this beer is for you.




Smoked Scotch Ale 8% 21 3.9 3.9 4 4 3.9 3.9 3.93 Pic
As we begin to come to what appears to be the end of our COVID Lock Down I would encourage you to venture out to visit your local and not so local brewery and brewpub. Don't be afraid to visit somewhere new and try something different. Most places have a sampler palatter you can purchase so that you can explore with out a huge investmen. Who knows you may find a new favorite!
Brewery & Location Location Info Food Beers Rating  
Walking Stick Brewing Co.

956 Judiway St, Houston, TX 77018

It also has a parking lot open to Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX Catty Corner to Great Heights Brewing

They have have both inside and outside seating with some outside being covered. The site has great feels and is a nice place to visit and talk.

A wide choice of beers. Something for everyone.

I like how they put a pastic tag under the beer so you can tell what it is when you go to sample.

Current Beer List

They have food truck in the evenings and weekends. Samper platter of beers 4  
Great Heights Brewing Company 938 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018

They have both inside and outside seating. Outside is not covered.

A wide choice of beers. Something for everyone.

Current Beer List.


They have a food truck in the evenings and weekends Samper platter of beers 3.9