March 25, 2021

March Beer Review (#50)

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Beer/Brewery City, State Tasting Notes Style ABV % IBU Cal On Style Look Smell Taste Mouth Feel Total Rating Pic
Widow Maker, Keweenaw Brewing Company Houghton, Michigan

Don't let its looks deceive you. At first glance, Widow Maker is a bit intimidating. But once you take your first sip you notice you misss judged this beer. It is clean and smooth, easy on the hops and easy on the palate; this light bodied ale has a surprising depth of malt flavors with pleasant hints of a smoky molasses.

Sadly this beer is not available in Texas currently but if your in Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota besure to keep and eye out for it.



Dark Ale?

Porter Stout?

5.2% 25   4 4.3 4.3 4.4 4. 4.14 Pic
Lost Highway Galaxy IPA,

Brazos Valley Brewing

Brenham, TX At last an IPA that is not hazzy! This beer has good lace and its CLEAR! They acheive a tropical flavor with out going overboard. They kept is simple using just 2-Row and wheat malt. The hops are Galaxy and Mocaic. Oh, I love the art work! IPA 6.6% 65   4 4 4 4 4 4 Pic
Double Down, Saint Arnolds Brewing Houston, TX I was hoping for somethig similar to their Endeavor but was met with a totally different tasting double IPA. It has big tropical and melon notes while integrating bitterness rather than it being a focal point so don't let the 71 IBUs scare you, this is not a hop bomb. The hop bill is massive and includes Pahto, Citra, Citra Incognito, Mosaic, Mosaic Incognito, and Galaxy. These hops stear the flavor more toward a juicy flavor Double IPA 9.2% 71   4 4 4.1 3.9 4 4.0 Pic
13th Anniversary , Southern Star Conroe, TX I had the opportunity to try this beer from the tap at their anniversary party and from a can two weeks later. Interestingly I prefered the can version. The difference may just be the two additional weeks of aging. This is a classic New England IPA. Great creammy mout feel, with very little hop bitterness, on style juicy and tropical taste. This beer is only available in the tap room and for a very limited time. This is one to try if you like Hazzy IPAs. (For the record I am not a Hazzy or Juicy fan.) New England IPA (Hazzy) 6.2% 30   4.0 4.0 4.0 3.9 4. 3.98 Pic

Native Texan,

Independence Brewing Co

Austin, TX This is a good American version of a German Pilsner. Great for warm afternoons or just as a session beer. Great lace, good mouth feel, crisp flavor. Only down fall is I wish it was clearer. The lack of clarity does not effect the flavor. German Pilnsner 5.2% 36   4 3.3 3.8 3.8 4 3.78 Pic


Hoppy Refresher

Lagunitas Brewing

Petaluma, Calif

And now for something a wee bit different well at least for me. Lagunitas has produced a product with no alcohol, no calaries and no carbs. But it still has flavor!

Basically they have dry hopped water and then highly carbonated it. They have used Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops, as well as some natural flavors and a pinch brewer's yeast to biotransform-ate the hops to just the right flavor.

You migh ask why?

They claim they first made it to have something at the brewery to drink that was refreshing and yet did not get you intoxicated.

Working at a brewery I can tell you that this is a real problem. Before you laugh and besides what you might think brewers do not drink beer all day at work. Employee safety is a high item as all breweries and is take very seriously. This drink allows for great flavor with out the alcohol.

Also a great alturniative for a designated driver.

Besides bikini season is just around the corner and some of us need to loose a few pounds. LOL



Sparkling Water Hopped 0 ? 0 ? 4 4 4 4 4