Our Crew

To run any business you need people or employees. We call our staff crew. Some of our crew work "Off Stage" (meaning you may not see them at fair) and many of our crew are non-paid meaning that they work for no pay and all of our crew hold other jobs or away from Brigadoon or attend college. Each crew member preforms an important role no matter how small or large their position may seem and each is a valuable part of our team.

(For a list of former crew.)

2017 Brigadoon Fair Crew

2018 TRF Crew

  Crew Member Position Joined
Placeholder Image Alan L Ward Managing Member / Brewmaster January 2005
Placeholder Image Linda Ward Brew Chief (Office Manager) January 2005
Alan Ward Picture Zoe Ward

Brand Ambassador & Root Beer

January 2005
Placeholder Image Brad Rogers Production Manager January 2011
Placeholder Image Emily O'Neill Technical Writer June 2011
Placeholder Image James O'Neill Construction/Brewer July 2011
Byron Bryan Due Artist March 2012
Brewmaster watching fair. Dale Graham Hawker/Bartender August 2012
Brewmaster watching fair. Ruston Royall Brewer March 2013
Brewmaster watching fair. Mary Royal Beer Wench / News Letter July 2013
Brewmaster watching fair. Shannon Rogers Medical and Event Asst. June 2014
Brewmaster watching fair. Brandon Boepple



September 2016
Brewmaster watching fair. Jenni Nau Beer Wench August 2017
Brewmaster watching fair. Lori Lambert

Dean Of Education

January 2008- August 2013


August 2018

Brewmaster watching fair. Mark Lambert Apprentice

January 2008- August 2013


August 2018 -

beer on post J Vince Palumbo Parade Walker August 2018
beer on post Cassie Anderson Beer Wench September 2018
beer on post Dan Burton Barman September 2018
beer on post RJ Isbell


January 2005 - December 2008

January 2019 - Present

beer on post Robert Grossman


January 2019
beer on post Could Be You


We are always looking for good crew!