Suggested Readings

a A Textbook of Brewing
Jean De Clerck

2 Volumes, First published in 1958, A TextBook of Brewing is a classic and worth every penny! While the book is aimed towards commercial brewers, De Clerck's writing is so clear and concise that it easily translates to almost any brewing scale. Many diagrams of equipment and operation, De Clercks text contains many references to utilities not found in any other text. If you are serious about brewing, De Clerck's book is a must have!

Available in hardback exclusively through The Siebel Institute of Brewing.

a How To Brew
John Palmer

John is a very well known and respected figure in the brewing community, and after many years of refinement has finally released the second edition of his terrific book, "How To Brew" in Hard Copy!

Learn more about the book and even Order 'How To Brew' from the ProMash site by clicking on the cover above!

a Designing Great Beers
Ray Daniels

Ray Daniels (now the editor and chief of Zymurgy and The New Brewer) puts forth this classic text that belongs in every brewers library. Ray takes the approach of actually thinking about the beer you would like to brew before brewing it. Loaded with quality information and technical formulas for hitting your targets and clear explanations on how to use them. Recommended to anyone with a serious interest in brewing.

Available in most quality brew shops. ISBN - 0-937381-50-0

a Brewing Lager Beer
Gregory Noonan

World renowned brewer Gregory Noonan's Brewing Lager Beer has become a classic with both ale and lager brewers. Walking through every step of every process, Noonan provides many insights into the brewing process and recipe formulation, with a clear writing style and technical savvy. Yet another book that belongs in every brewers library!

Available in most quality brew shops. ISBN - 0-937381-01-2

a The Brewers Companion
Randy Mosher

Randy Mosher is a world-wide renowned brewer and his book is equally magnificent. Filled with techniques, diagrams, worksheets and statistics on raw ingredients you will refer to Mosher's book over and over again. Mosher is also a professional graphic designer and his book shows it off in grand splendor, with elegantly laid out charts and a easy to follow format. Recommended to anyone with a serious interest in brewing.

Available at most quality brew shops and bookstores. ISBN - 0-9640410-1-4

a An Analysis of
Brewing Techniques

An Analysis of Brewing Techniques was intended as the follow up to the classic 'Principles of Brewing Science' by George J. Fix. However, the book far extends that text and is simply terrific reading. Many topics covered are not found or skimped over in other texts, and Fix and wife Laurie do a phenomenal job at covering a vast array of topics while always providing specific and detailed information where appropriate.

Available in most quality brew shops. ISBN - 0-937381-47-0

a The Practical Brewer
Master Brewers Assoc. of the Americas

Intended as a handbook introductory text for large scale commercial brewers, The Practical Brewer does not offer much for the small scale brewer. The text deals mainly with equipment and very little with technique. Recommended to those looking for a future career with large scale breweries.

Available in hardback only at most quality brew shops or through Zymurgy.

aa Malting and Brewing Science
Hough, Briggs, Stevens, Young.

Got your calculator and element tables out? An extremely scientific text (2 volumes). Recommend to the serious brewer interested in the finite chemistry details involved in brewing. Definitely not light reading, the topics are in depth and very analytical.

Available in hardback only at most quality brew shops.
Volume I ISBN - 0-412-16580-5
Volume II ISBN - 0-412-16590-2

a Using Hops
Mark Garetz

Garets is a recognized expert in the field and his book demonstrates why. Up to date and containing information on virtually every known hop variety Garets gives crisp explanations on both uses and techniques. Recommend to all brewers.

Available in most quality brew shops. ISBN - 0-9640785-0-3

a Evaluating Beer
Edited By Brewers Publications

Numerous quality articles regarding the evaluation of ales and lagers. Writers include the most notable names in the brewing business and the text is very well written. If you want to sharpen your skills at evaluation then this book is the definite first step (with the exception of sampling of course).

Available in all quality brew shops. ISBN - 0-937381-37-3

a The Complete Joy Of Home Brewing
Charlie Papazian

You can probably say without conflict that 90% of the commercial micro-brewers today started as homebrewers and started with this classic text. 'Papy' has probably done more for home-brewing than any one single individual. This book has been recently updated, and a new companion text 'The Home Brewer's Companion' has also been printed. If you plan to try your hand at homebrewing, this book is a great place to start.

Available in all homebrew shops and most bookstores. ISBN - 0-380-76366-4