The following are questions we frequently are asked. If you do not see the answer to a question you may have please feel free to contact us at sales@brigadoonbrewery.com and we will respond as quickly as possilbe.

1. Question: Will you still have your Texas Renaissance Festival location?
  Answer: Yes, TRF is our original location and is a place that we hold very dearly! As long as our Patrons continue to buy our beer we will be there.

Question: Will the Pasadena location be Renaissance Themed?

  Answer: While we will still have some renaissance theme to our location the new locaiton will be modern in opperation, look and feel.
3. Question: Will my dragon mug be useable at the Pasadena location?
  Answer: Yes, our dragon mugs will be useable at all Brigadoon Brewery location.
4. Question: Will you have guest taps?
  Answer: Unfortunetly we will not have guest beer taps. While we will continue to support and promote Texas Craft Beer due to Texas TABC rules we will only have Brigadoon Brewery beer ontap. This is to allow us the ability to self-distribute.
5. Question: Will there be Black Plague Ale?
  Answer: Yes there will be Black Plague Ale. One of the main reasons to open our second locaiton is to help meet demand for our product.
6. Question: Will you have other beverages besides Brigadoon beer?
  Answer: Yes, we will have cider, wine, water and soft drinks available for purchase.
7. Question: Will there be food?
  Answer: In accordance with our health permit we will offer prepackaged food for sale.
8. Question: Can I bring my own food?

Answer: Being an Outpost we do not have a kitchen and our health permit does not allow us to prepare food for our customers.  We do offer pre-paged food for sale.  Additionally, we offer a microwave to heat your selections and you are more than welcome to bring your own food with you.  No confetti, glitter, candles, piñatas, or seafood boils (such as crawfish, shrimp or crab).

9. Question: Can I bring my own drinks?
  Answer: No, by Texas ABC law, outside alcohol may not be on Brigadoon Brewery property at any time. Additionally we cannot sell or have hard alcohol on the property.  Please do not bring any.  You will be asked to leave.
10. Question: Can I bring my own glass?
  Answer: Beer will be served in a plastic glass or you may purchase a Brigadoon Brewer Souvenir glass or mug.  NO OTHER GLASSES WILL BE USED EXCEPT PLASTIC CUPS LOCATED AT THE BAR. You may bring your Brigadoon Brewery glass back to use.  Please bring it clean as we do not do dishes.
11. Question: Do you fill growlers?
  Answer: We currently only fill Brigadoon Brewery Growlers.  Please bring them back clean.  We do not do dishes.

Question: Do you offer tours?

  Answer: Yes offer tours at no charge. Tour space is limited to 10 people (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE…NO RESERVATIONS).  Sign up for tours upon check in.  Closed-toed shoes are required for tour.*
13. Question: Are children and dogs welcome?
  Answer: Children are welcome at the brewery, but all persons under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Due to limited space we do not allow dogs at the brewery.
14. Question: Is the brewery available for private events?
  Answer: Yes the brewery is available for private events. You can email use at sales@brigadoonbrewery for more information.
15. Question: Where can I find Brigadoon Brewery Beer?
  Answer: Brigadoon beer is available at your finer establishments in the Bryan/College Station and Houston areas. We are working to expand our distribution area. For and up todate list click here!