Guest Taps

As part of our mission to educate we work hard to bring a varity of Texas Craft beer to our booth. While we would love to have every Texas craft beer on tap space is limited as is distribution for some breweries. Below is a list of what guest beers we plan to have on tap for 2015 along with what week. This is a working list and will be changing from now until opening day.

Tap Line Up

Tap Number Brewery 2017 Season Style ABV IBU
F1 Karbach Rodeo Clown (5) Double IPA 9.50% 85
F2 Rhar & Son Oktoberfest (6) /Winter Warmer (1) Oktoberfest 7% 27
F3 Karbach Wiesse Versa (6) Wheat 5.20% 15
F4 Rhar & Son Texas Red (6) Red 5% 24
W1 Lakewood  Lakewood Lager  Vienna Lager 4.60% 25
W2 Lakewood  All Call  Kolsh 5% 25
W3 Blackwater Draw Contract Killer – Coffee Porter  Coffee Porter 6.40% 60
W4 Independence Convict Hill (2) Oatmeal Stout 8% 55
W5 Brazos Valley 7 Spanish Angels – Coffee Brown   6.48% 21
W6 Rhar & Son Blonde (7)  Helles Lager 5.00% 20
W7 Brigadoon English English Ale 4.20% 21
W8 Brigadoon Scottish Scottish Ale 4.50% 39
W9 Brigadoon Black Plague American Imperial 10.75% 86
W10 Lone Pint 667 – Neighbor of the Beast  IPA 6.60% 66.7
W11 Deep Elum IPA IPA 7% 70
W12  Brigadoon  Seasonal Rotating   %  



From time to time our friends from other breweries supply us with can or bottles of items as part of our Taste of Texas Classes.

Brewery Beer IBU ABV
No Label  
Southern Star  
Saint Arnolds