Green Ogre IPA

Imperial IPA
Avaliable in
1/6 bbl, 1/2 bbl Keg, Firkin , Bomber

First brewed in England and exported for the British troops in India during the late 1700’s.  To withstand the voyage IPA’s were basically tweaked Pale Ales that were, in comparison, much more malty, boasted a higher alcohol content and were well-hopped, as hops  are a natural preservative. 

This IPA is wonderfully balanced- it won't destroy your palate, but it also provides a nice kick of hop flavor that you would want from an IPA.  The addition of the cascade hops helps diffuse some of the English malt mouth feel and brings forth a nice refreshing citrus note at the end.

        • Food Pairing: Smoked beef brisket, grilled lamb; Southern chicken-fried steak
Cheese: Sharp and rich American artisanal blue.
Desert: Very sweet desserts like carrot cake,
caramel cheesecake or crème brulée.

First Brewed 2010