English Beer

(Texas law requires this Ale to be labeled as a beer because of alcohol content.)

English Ale
Avaliable in
Keg, Bomber

Our English Beer is part of our historical series and has been reverse engineered to match how an English Ale would have tasted in England from 1500’s to modern times.  This is a low alcohol; low hopped and low carbonated beer was designed to be drunk at your local pub at the end of a long work day.  Each taste is a wee bit of history.

Tasting notes:
Mirrors complexity of aroma - medium high caramel sweetness, notes of toast. Malt is balanced well with a low hop bitterness and medium earthy, slightly floral hop flavor. Mild fruity esters, a touch of black pepper and the beer finishes dry/slightly bitter. Very slight smooth alcohol flavor as it warms. The malt favored balanced made this beer sweet and delicious.

First brewed in 2008.