Our Beer

All of our brews are all grain, unfiltered and hand crafted. Many have been reverse engineered to meet period ingredients to the best of our ability.

Our biggest seller is our Black Plague Ale. Our patrons asked for a dark strong ale and we listened. This beer started with the usual experimental process being tested and refined. Lab results show it weighs in at 10.46 % ABV and 86 IBU. This one is a must have.

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Label Beer/Ale Style


Kcal/12 0z

Black Plague Labell Black Plague Ale Russian Imperial Stout 346.1 82 10.47%
  Castle K'Zar Ale American Amber Ale   61.8 6.73%
  Christmas Ale Spiced   24 4.20%
Black Plague Labell Captain Apple's Apple Ale Fruit Ale   28.5 6.31%
  Daisy Chain Rye IPA     68 4.8%
Black Plague Labell Dragon Ale Old Ale 278.5 27.8 10.45%
Black Plague Labell English Ale* English 158.8 31.4 5.60%
Black Plague Labell Fairy Ale Honey Ale 156.1 13.3 6.30%
Black Plague Labell Fighting Cock Ale English Amber   13.9 9.36%
Black Plague Labell Green Ogre Imperial IPA 151.6 92 9%
Black Plague Labell Hadrian’s Wall Irish Red 225.6 21 4.50%
Black Plague Labell Heather Ale Gruit   0.01 4%
Black Plague Labell Imperial Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin 219.2 22.8 8.30%
  Kobold Imperial IPA   36.2 8.96%
Black Plague Labell La Mort Vivent Se Souvient Biere de Garde   7.7 6.40%
Black Plague Labell Man's Best Friend Coffee Porter 151.6    
  Monks Revenge Irish Red Spiced   21 4.50%
  Oktoberfest Marzen- Oktoberfest 140.5 27 5%
  Rennaissance Festival Ale Strong Bitter   37.2 7.83%
Black Plague Labell Scottish Ale* Scottish 192.4 35.3 4.70%
  Uncle Billy's Colab American Barelywine   65.9 21.36%
  Wee Heavey Scottish Export 80 Shilling   35.3 5.94%
Black Plague Labell Whiskey Barrel Ale Barrel Aged Brown Ale 144.8 11.1 4.90%
  X-IPA American Pale Ale     4.9%
  X-San Fran California Common   31.8 4.44%

* Reverse engineered to meet period using ingredients to the best of our ability.

IBU - Stands for international bittering unit.

ABV - Alcohol by Volume

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Available every festival day and for School Day (two weekdays in November).

On Tap% Alcohol
Root BeerNONE!