Green or Scottish?

I am often asked if Brigadoon Brewery is a green brewery to which I have to respond no we are Scottish. Having said that one might say they are one in the same.

All of our grain is hand ground at the brewery. Is this to save energy? Yes and No. Mainly it is in keeping with the theme and time period. It also just happens to be cheaper than an electric mill.

All of our spent grain is either feed to the animals at fair or is composted for our garden. This is done because we hate to waste anything, always need compost for the garden and the animals are hungry.

All of our spent hops are saved for the tomatoes. It helps with the insects and helps to produce the best garden raised tomatoes you ever had. We do this because we hate to waste anything and we like our tomatoes..

All of our bottles are recycled and recycled and recycled. This is because we are cheap and hate to waste anything.

Our waste or rinse water is collected and used to irrigate the yard. Once again because we hate to waste anything.

Our AC condensation is drained off in to our pond which is used to water our garden. Again we just hate to waste anything.

We do use a professional grade cleaner to clean our beer lines and to clean our bottles. This is used first on the beer lines. Then it is moved to our equipment. Once it has been used there several times it is moved to our de-labler unit where we soak our bottles to de-labler and clean. It is finally discarded. It is bio-friendly.

So are we green? Well after we sat down and thought about it I guess we are. Or our we just Scottish? I will let you be the judge. Either way I believe it is time for a pint, all of this talk has made me thirsty.

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