Crew Bios


Brewmaster watching fair.

Theresa Bradshaw

Safety Coordinator/Apprentice

August 2012 to Present

2 TRF Seasons

Brewmaster watching fair.

In 2012 Theresa drove her son to the Texas Renaissance Festival Job Fair so he could get a seasonal job. While she was there she heard our Brewmaster speak about how great it is to work in 190 degree rooms, shovel spent grain and brew beer. Foolishly she decided that she wanted to be a brewer and joined us as a Apprentice. Oh, her son, poor lad did not find a job but mom found a job and a source of good beer.

After working a year with us our Production Manager and Brewmaster decided to promote her to Safety Coordinator.

When Theresa in not helping at Brigadoon she is a Safety Engineer for a major company in the Houston area.


Alan L. Ward Brewmaster