Our Brew Chief Linda Ward

Linda Ward is the mother of four and married to Alan Ward. She is currently our Brew Chief (office manager) and has been with us since the beginning. If you’re wondering what a Brew Chief is or does well, she has the final word on everything except what goes into the beer. Basically, if momma is not happy no one is.

Her other known titles are mom, wife, Linda, and to most "She who must be obeyed!" Linda can be credited with the brewery itself. It was she who with the children gave our Brewmaster his first Mr. Beer Kit and said, "Yes you can brew beer in my house". If she had only known where we would end up, she might have not been so eager to give her husband a hobby. Linda basically keeps everything going behind the scenes.

She is in charge or inventory, shipping, and books. She makes sure the crew is feed and in line. Most of all she keeps our Brewmaster in line. We could not function without her. During fair you will see her helping with sales, samples, and inventory. 

Linda is not known for being much of a beer drinker which makes it all the stranger that she is credited with single handedly saving a beer from disappearing into the mist of time. In 2013 Southern Star Brewing stopped brewing a Bière de Garde they called Le Mort Vivant. It happened to be one of the few beers that she liked so in the spring of 2014 while visiting Southern Star she asked the owner when they planned on brewing Le Mort again. To her horror he said never! The look on Linda’s face must have been really bad because the owner immediately gave our Brewmaster the recipe and the rights to brew the beer. In 2015 Brigadoon began production of Le Mort Vivant Se Souvient and brewed it every year for Linda’s birthday.  We must have done a great job because in 2018 the owner of Southern Star was visiting our brewery and remarked how he had forgotten how good the beer was and was going to bring it back in the fall of 2019. Our Brewmaster reminded him that recipe belong to Brigadoon now but after a beer graciously agreed to allow Southern Star to brew their beer again. A beer saved by Linda Ward.

Linda is also the inventor of the Linda Scale (a scale we use to judge our beer) and has been supporting our brewing since 2000.


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