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Alex Thrailkill

Beer Wench

October 2011 to Present

3.5 TRF Seasons

Brewmaster watching fair.

Alex came to us during the 2011 season when she answered our call for help. After completing the 1st season she decide to stay on.

A few years ago "I don't like beer!" is something that you would hear Alex proudly announce as she lifted her wine glass. After a visit to the Brigadoon Brewery in 2011 and sampling a malty Scottish Ale, she was hooked. Now making up for lost time, Alex has found a new love for beer, especially Belgian Tripples.

In the spring of 2015 Alex took a huge step and became a Certified Cicerone Beer Server.

You can normally find her surrounded by animals, both exotic and domestic, up on stage singing Karaoke, or finding a new ways to incorporate beer into baked goods.



Alan L. Ward Brewmaster
Certified Cicerone Beer Server