Craft Beer

Craft beer is many different things to many different people and most beer lovers have a story of discovery to share. Craft beer has been described variously as ten minutes of pleasure, pure happiness in a glass, full flavored, authentic, archetypical, an intellectual beverage that is to be savored not swilled and much, much more. It is enjoyed for everyday celebrations and is viewed by many as one of the special things in life that makes the day taste and feel a little better. It is also regarded as living liquid history. Each glass displays the creativity and passion of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients. Craft beer is treasured by millions of beer lovers who see it as not merely a fermented beverage, but also something to be enjoyed in moderation, shared and revered. It is a versatile beverage, often enjoyed over a discussion of the important issues of the day and sometimes used as an ingredient in cooking.

A Beer Pilgrimage Across Texas
As many of you know we are a seasonal brewpub located on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival and if you know our Brewmaster you know he cannot stay still for long.  So having just concluded a great season what will he do with all of our spare time besides driving the Brew Chief (AKA wife) crazy?  Well besides getting ready for next season (we actually have a lot to do) our Brewmaster in his infant wisdom has decided to start a pilgrimage.  He plans to visit every micro brewery and brewpub in state of Texas before next season starts on October 6, 2012. 

Now this may seem to be an easy task on the surface but if you look a little deeper you will find that there is no master list of these easily available. To accomplish this task he needs to be aware of what is out there.  So step one is to collect a list of all Texas breweries and brewpubs with their location and as much information as possible.  We will then sit down and make a plan of attack.   

How can you help?   Well it is easy to get a list of licensed breweries from TABC but the list of brewpubs is not as easy.  It seems that both are a big secret.  You can help by going to our web page for Texas Breweries and our page for Texas Brewpubs look over the list and let us know if we have missed one.  If we have missed one please let us know.  If you have information or a contact about a location please let us know.  If you know where you can purchase a breweries beer we want to know.

Our goal is to visit every active licensed microbrewery and brewpub in Texas.  As we visit each we will report back our experiences.  At each stop we hope to be able to interview the Brewmaster or a member of the crew, take photos and sample their wares.  We will then post our experiences for you to view.

Not wanting to think small our Brewmaster also plans to compile the information into a book and for those that are lucky enough to be able to visit our booth next fall a class tentatively called “A Taste of Texas”.  This class will offer samples from a sampling of the microbreweries he visited throughout the year.   He hopes to have enough to offer a different sampling each weekend.  We will release more information on this class as the details are worked out.  For now start sending your information so we can get him out of the Brew Chief’s hair.

You can email your information to