Brewery Certification Levels

Levels of Brew Program

All standard must be met in addition to those below the level.


As a meet all standards and has a monetary interest in this brewery. Appointed by Brewmaster.

Associate Brewer

Meet all standards for Brewmaster but does not have a monetary interest in this brewery.  Appointed by Brewmaste.r

Assistant Brewer

**Brewed for a full season an.  Appointed by Brewmaster.


*Successfully design and brew an all grain brew. (Must submit design for board consideration prior to brewing and finished product.) Passed exam.

Apprentice Level III

*Successfully brew an all grain brew. Passed exam.

Apprentice Level II

*Successfully brew a kit brew with addition of steeped grain. Passed exam.

Apprentice Level I

*Successfully brew a kit brew.   Passed exam.


Working toward higher level of brewing understanding.

Non Brewers

Non Brew Program


Head Brew Chief

Appointed by Brewmaster. Only one per brewery. Has authority over everything except how to brew at the brewery.

Assistant Brew Chief

Appointed by Head Brew Chief or Brewmaster.

Brew Leader

Appointed by Head Brew Chief or Brewmaster.

Junior Brewmaster

Special position appointed by Brewmaster for dedication and hard work at the brewery.

Brew Crew

Has meet the standards required and assist at brewery on a regular basis. Must be recommended by a Brewmaster or Head Brew Chief.

Brew Spouse

Must be married to a member of the brew crew.

Beer Girl/Boy

Has completed all training and can successfully deliver brew.

Brew Trainee

Is in the brew training program to become a full brew crew member.

Future Brew Crew

Must be between 0 and 3 years of age and have a family member who is on the brew crew.

Brew Critic

Appointed by the Brewmaster. (Volatile position, the brewery is not responsible for accidents, dismembering or death that may occur as a result of poor taste buds or improper brew criticism.)

Brew Taster

Frequently taste brewery beer.

Brew Friend

Brings free quality beer to brewing. (These friends are always welcome.)

* To have successfully brewed a batch the individual must have brewed, bottled and supplied the Brewery Board at least a six pack for tasting. The Brewery Board will then assign a tasting level to the brew. The brew will be considered successful only after the Board so rules.

** A brew season is defined by the Brewery Board. A season will consist of not more than a 12 consecutive months and must contain at least 12 brews.

In addition to level requirements all levels and positions must be approved by the Head Brewmaster and Head Brew Chief.